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Brunn, Friedrich August

(1819–1895). B. Castle Schaumburg, Duchy of Nassau; educ. Leipzig, Bonn, and the theol. sem. Herborn; entered ministry 1842; severed connection with state ch. of Nassau 1846; with a number of families organized indep., cong. Steeden; 1846–60 yrs. of development; break with Breslau Syn. 1865; with Immanuel Syn. 1870; with Luth. state ch. 1875. First meeting of Ev. Luth. Free Ch. of Saxony, which Brunn joined, was held 1877. Brunn's first contact with Missourians probably 1846, when he received a letter from G. Loeber. Walther's visit to Ger. 1860 gave impetus to opening the preparatory institution at Steeden 1861, which furnished the Mo. Syn. ca. 235 men. Works include Gottes Wort und Luthers Lehr'; Vom Gefühlschristentum; Die Lehre von den Gnadenmitteln; Die Lehre von tier Kirche; Thesen über die Lehre von der Rechtfertigung; Mitteilungen aus meinem Leben. See also Germany, Lutheran Free Churches in, 4–5.

R. D. Drews, “The Relation of Friedrich Brunn to the German Free Churches and the Missouri Synod, 1846–1876,” unpub STM thesis (Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri, 1962); “Leichenreden für den ehrw. Pfarrer Friedrich August Brunn” and “Zum Ehrengedächtnis des sel. Pfarrer Brunn,” in Die Evangelisch-Lutherische Freikirche, XX (May 1895), 85–92.

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