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Bible History.

Often differentiated from Biblical history,* Bible hist. emphasizes use of Bible stories for instructional and religious values. In NT, knowledge of OT was communicated at home (2 Ti 3:15) or at pub. services (1 Ti 4:13). In the primitive ch., home reading, private instruction, and pub. services provided knowledge of Bible hist. (Eusebius, HE, VI, ii; Chrysostom on Eph 4:4; Cyril, Catecheses, IV, 35). Instruction in Bible hist. was almost forgotten during the Middle Ages (lack of common schools, cost of Bibles, dearth of Bibles in vernacular). Luther and Melanchthon stressed use of Bible hist. Otto Braunfels sought to introduce Bible hist. in his Lat. school (Heldenbüchlein). Luther's Passionale (1529; 11 OT, 38 NT pictures with explanatory notes) has been called the first Bible hist. for the home. With the establishment of Christian common schools, instruction in Bible hist. came into its own. Noted early texts were J. Gesenius,* Biblische Historien (1656) and J. Hübner,* Zweimal 52 auserlesene biblische Historien (1714). Since these were pub., use of Bible stories for instruction has been greatly expanded (core of S. S. training; special Bible histories for different ages; pictorial presentations of the Bible stories; films and slides; prominent in Saturday schools, summer schools, etc.).

J. M. Reu, Quellen zur Geschichte des biblischen Unterrichts, in Quellen zur Geschichte des kirchlichen Unterrichts in der evangelischen Kirche Deutschlands zwischen 1530 und 1600, Part II (Gütersloh, 1906) and Catechetics, 3d ed. (Chicago, 1931), pp. 289–308.

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