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Basel, Council of

(1431–49). Last of the councils of the conciliar movement (see Councils and Synods, 7), convoked by Martin* V, presided over by Card. G. Cesarini, whom Eugenius IV confirmed in this office when he continued the council. Objectives of the council as stated in the first session: 1. Extirpation of heresy; 2. Reunion of all Christians; 3. Make provision for instruction in Catholicism; 4. Settle disputes between Christian princes; 5. Reformation in head and members; 6. Reestablishment of discipline. Declared dissolved by Eugenius December 18, 1431, the council nevertheless continued and reaffirmed the doctrine of the Council of Constance regarding the supremacy of the council over the pope. On December 15, 1433, Eugenius IV again recognized the council by the bull Dudum Sacrum. But the anti-papal climate of the council brought on many restrictions of the papacy. In 1437 the council granted the Bohemians the right to celebrate communion sub utraque. When the pope transferred the council to Ferrara (1437) to meet with the representatives of the E ch. a remnant remained at Basel, deposed the pope, and elected Amadeus VIII of Savoy as Pope Felix V. The Council of Ferrara met 1438–39, then was transferred to Florence, where it met 1439–42; then it was transferred to Rome, where it met 1442–45. In 1448 the rump council moved to Lausanne. After the death of Eugenius, Nicholas V was chosen pope and generally recognized. In 1449 Felix V abdicated and submitted to Nicholas V. See also Feast of Fools, 3; Florence, Council of; Gallicanism; Hussites.

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