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Arnd, Johann

(Arndt; 1555–1621). The most influential devotional author the Luth. Ch. has produced. Educ. U. of Helmstedt, Wittenberg, Strasbourg, and Basel; pastor Badeborn, Anhalt, in 1583. In 1590, when the territory became Ref., Arndt was deposed for insisting that he as a Luth. of the unaltered AC had the right to retain the exorcisms at Baptism. Pastor in Quedlinburg (influenced J. Gerhard*). Brunswick, and Eisleben; finally (1611) Generalsuperintendent in Celle. His Four (later Five and Six) Books on True Christianity and his Little Garden of Paradise have perennial and universal appeal; they have rarely been out of print in the original and have been tr. into many languages. Influenced by Luther, he stands solidly in the Luth. mystical tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages and demonstrates great skill in incorporating what is good from various medieval (J. Tauler,* the Imitation* of Christ, Angela de Foligno, J. v. Staupitz*) and post-Reformation sources into his thought; speaking to a situation where “every one is very willing to be a servant of Christ, but no one will consent to be His follower” (True Christianity, I, Preface, 3), he combines theol. orthodoxy with a profound concern for the practical development of the Christian virtues. In the field of theol. he helped to fix the place of the doctrine of the mystical union of the believer with Christ in the Luth. dogmatic tradition. ACP

Johann Arnd, Sechs Bücher vom wahren Christentum, tr. A. W. Boehm, True Christianity (London, 1712), ed. C. F. Schaeffer (Philadelphia, 1868).

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