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Annunciation, Orders of the.

RC orders. 1. Annunciades of Fr.; penitential order for women. Founded ca. 1500/02 by Jeanne de Valois (1464–1505; b. Paris), physically handicapped daughter of Louis XI of Fr. (1423–83; king 1461–83) and wife (1476) of the duke of Orleans, who became Louis XII (1462–1515; duke 1465–98; king 1498–1515). Louis had the marriage annulled after his accession to the throne. Jeanne retired to Bourges, where she founded the order.

2. Celestial Annunciades (Annunciades of It.). Order for women founded ca. 1602/04 near Genoa by Maria Victoria Fornari-Strata (1562–1617; b. Genoa, It.).

3. Annunciates (Annunciades; Annunciatae) of Lombardy (Ambrosians; Sisters of St. Ambrose; Sisters of St. Marcellina). Founded 1408 at Pavia, It. Guided by Augustinian* Rule. See also Catherine of Genoa.

4. Archconfraternity of the Annunciation. Est. 1460 in Rome, It., by J. de Torquemada* to provide dowries for poor girls.

5. Servites* are sometimes called Annunziata because their chief monastery at Florence, It., is dedicated to the Annunciation.

6. The Order of the Annunziate (Annunciad[a]). Military order that traces its origin to the Order of the Collare (or Collar; from the silver collar of love knots and roses that was its badge) est. ca. 1350/64 by Amadeus VI, count of Savoy (1334–83; reigned 1343–83).

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