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Amsdorf, Nikolaus von

(Amsdorff; December 3, 1483–May 14, 1565). B. probably Torgau, Ger.; educ. Wittenberg; lectured there on theol. and philos.; canon and rector; friend of M. Luther,* under whose influence he turned from Aristotelianism* to Augustinianism.* With Luther to Leipzig 1519 (see Leipzig Debate), Worms 1521 (see Worms, Diet of). Called to Magdeburg 1524; reformed the city with C. Cruciger the Elder (see Cruciger, 1). Carried the Gospel to Goslar, Einbeck, Meissen, and many other cities. Extensive correspondence with Luther (first mention of “Ein* feste Burg” 1527). John* Frederick appointed him bp. of Naumburg-Zeitz 1542 because he was gifted, learned, of noble birth, and without a wife. Expelled from Naumburg as a result of the upshot of the battle of Mühlberg 1547, he went to Weimar; helped found university at Jena and took charge of the Jena ed. of Luther's works, which was to improve the Wittenberg ed.; fled to Magdeburg, where he joined other in opposing the Interim (see Interim, II); held an important position in Eisenach. See also Majoristic Controversy; Osiandrian Controversy; Synergistic Controversy. WGT

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