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Adiaphoristic Controversies

(Interimistic Controversies). 1. Caused by the Augsburg Interim (see Interim, I), forced on the prostrate Luths. 1548 by the victorious emp. and which conceded the cup and clerical marriage but demanded the restoration of the mass, the 7 sacraments, the authority of the pope and bps., etc., till matters might be finally adjusted. P. Melanchthon* and others in the Leipzig (see Interim, II) submitted and said that these Romish ceremonies might be observed as matters indifferent in themselves. M. Flacius* Illyricus, at the risk of losing his position as Prof., attacked the Interim, seconded by J. Brenz,* N. Gallus,* J. Wigand,* and others. They held it wrong to observe even indifferent ceremonies when a false impression is thereby created. “Nothing is an adiaphoron when confession and offense are involved.” The Convention of Passau* and the Peace of Augsburg* removed the cause, but the controversy went on, because the adiaphorists continued to defend their position. FC X settled the controversy. See also Status confessionis.

2. In 1681 another adiaphoristic controversy arose bet. orthodox and pietists about participation in amusements.

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