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Zehner, Samuel

(1594–1635). B. Suhl, Ger.; at time of his death superintendent at Schleusingen; wrote “Ach Gott, gib du uns deine Gnad” while a suburb was being sacked.

Zeisberger, David

(April 11, 1721–November 17, 1808). Moravian miss. to Am. Indians; b. Zauchtenthal, Moravia; to Am. ca. 1739; present at founding of Moravian settlement, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1741; worked among Indians, traveling to various places including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada; est. congs. which, however, did not survive.

Zell, Katharina

(ca. 1497–1562). Wife of M. Zell*; maiden name Schütz; highly gifted; helped refugees and did other works of mercy; did literary work; carried on theol. correspondence with Luther,* Zwingli,* Bullinger,* and other famous theologians.

Zell, Matthäus

(1477–1548). B. Kaisersberg, Ger.; educ. Mainz, Erfurt, Freiburg; pastor of cathedral in Strasbourg 1518; won for Ev. cause through influence of Bible, Luther, and Johann Geyler; began Reformation activity 1521 with series of sermons on Romans; citizens won for his cause; his Christliche Verantwortung, a reply to attacks of monks, became basis for Reformation in Strasbourg; refrained from participation in theol. quarrels; sheltered those persecuted because of religion (including K. v. Schwenkfeld*); excommunicated by Rome 1524 because of his marriage to K. Zell.*

Zeller, Christian Heinrich

(1779–1860). B. in Castle Hohen-Entringen near Tübingen, Ger.; studied law Tübingen; instructor and school superintendent Zofingen, Switz.; helped est. a sem. and a home for poor children at Beuggen, near Basel, 1820, which he conducted according to ideas of J. H. Pestalozzi* and in a somewhat pietistic manner. Works include Lehren der Erfahrung; Seelenlehre.

Zeller, Eduard

(1814–1908). Ger. theol., hist., philos.; b. Kleinbottwar, near Marbach; taught Tübingen, Bern, Marburg, Heidelberg, Berlin; adherent of school of F. C. Baur.* Ed. Theologische Jahrbücher; works include Das theologische System Zwinglis; Die Philosophie der Griechen.


Avesta with commentaries (Zend), sacred scriptures of Zoroastrianism* and the Parsis,* consisting of 3 parts: Yasna (liturgical texts), Vendidad (ritual laws), and Yashts (poems containing mythology and legends of ancient Iran). Most important and oldest part of Yasna are Gathas, hymns, most of which are attributed to Zoroaster.* See also Anquetil-Duperron, Abraham Hyacinthe.

Zending Batak

(Batak Missionary Society). Miss. movement which began ca. 1899 on Samosir Island in Lake Toba, Sumatra. It later was active on the Mentawai Islands. See also Bataks.

Zenkovsky, Basilius

(1881–1962). B. Russia; taught philos. at Kiev, Belgrade, Prague, Paris. Works include Geschichte der Russischen Philosophie.


(426–491). B. Isauria, Asia Minor; E. Roman emp. 474–491; tried unsuccessfully to settle Monophysite* Controversy by issuing Henoticon.*

Zeno of Citium

(ca. 336–264 BC). Greek philos.; founder of Stoicism.*

Zeno of Velia

(Elea; b. ca. 490 BC). Gk. philos. of Eleatic* School; known for his paradoxes on motion. See also Dialectic.

Zepper, Wilhelm

(1550–1607). Ref. theol.; b. Dillenburg, Ger.; educ. Marburg; pastor Herborn; court preacher Dillenburg; prof. Herborn; worked in area of catechetics, homiletics, pastoral theology, and canon law.

Zerbolt, Gerhard

(1367–98). B. Zutphen, Neth.; librarian of cong. of Brethren* of the Common Life at Deventer. Works include Super modo vivendi devotorum hominum simul commorantium.

Zezschwitz, Carl Adolpf Gerhard von

(1825–86). Conservative Luth. theol.; b. Bautzen, Ger.; prof. Leipzig, Giessen, Erlangen; prolific writer, chiefly on practical theol. and catechetics; exerted great personal influence as teacher and preacher. Works include Über die Aufgaben welche die Selbständigkeitspflicht der Lutherischen auf Grund der Ereignisse der letzten Jahre stellt; Über die wesentliche Verfassungsziele der lutherischen Reformation.

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