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Ussher, James

(Usher; Jacobus Usserius; 1581–1656). B. Dublin, Ireland; educ. Dublin; ordained Angl. 1601; prof. Dublin 1607–21; bp. Meath 1621; abp. Armagh 1625–40; to Eng. 1640; bp. Carlisle 1642; to Wales 1645; returned to Eng. 1646; preacher Lincoln's Inn, a London law academy, 1647–54; chronologist. See also Time.

Usteri, Leonhard

(1799–1833). B. Zurich, Switz.; educ. Zurich and Berlin; influenced by F. D. E. Schleiermacher*; prof. Bern, Switz. Works include Entwickelung des Paulinischen Lehrbegriffs.


(fl. 838–875). Monk and priest; active esp. in Paris, Fr.. Wrote a martyrology. See also Acta martyrum.


1. More interest than legally allowed; or indiscriminate interest; or any interest.

The OT distinguishes bet. taking interest from a fellow believer and taking it from others. (Ex 22:25–27: Lv 25:35–37; Dt 23:20)

2. Gratuitous lending is commended Lk 6:34–35. Taking interest is allowed Mt 25:14–30; Lk 19:12–27.

3. In the ch., taking interest was condemned at least as early as the syn. of Elvira* 306. SC, Preface, 12: “Usury and avarice have burst in like a deluge and have taken on the color of legality.”

4. Among Luths. in Am., C. F. W. Walther* especially opposed taking interest.

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