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Stöckhardt, Karl Georg

(February 17, 1842–January 9, 1913). B. Chemnitz, Saxony, Ger.; educ. Erlangen, Leipzig, Berlin; instructor at an academy for girls, Tharandt, 1866; asst. pastor of a Ger. Luth. ch. Paris June 1870. The Franco-Prussian war (began July 19, 1870) caused him to flee to Belg. in fall 1870; ministered to wounded and dying at Sedan 3 mo. Private tutor OT and NT exegesis Erlangen U. and teacher of religion Erlangen Gymnasium 1871. Pastor (diaconus) of a state ch. at Planitz 1873–76; influenced by F. C. T. Ruhland* and Mo. Syn. theol. literature; suspended; resigned; with part of his cong. he joined Ruhland's cong.; assoc. pastor there 1876–78; also conducted a Lat. school and prepared a number of boys for coll. To US 1878; pastor Holy Cross Luth. Ch., St. Louis, Missouri, 1878; began teaching exegesis at Conc. Sem., St. Louis, 1878 (part-time prof. 1881, full-time 1887).

Stöckhardt was the only Ger. U. trained exegete in the early hist. of the Mo. Syn.. His learning was coupled with firm belief in the verbal inspiration of the Bible, childlike acceptance of all Bible teachings, and great love of revealed truth. He concentrated on the written Word and unfolded its message in concise, clear, convincing language. He was a forceful preacher. In the Predestinarian* Controversy of the 1880s he sided with C. F. W. Walther.*

Works include Adventspredigten; Ausgewählte Psalmen; Die biblische Geschichte; Commentar über den Brief Pauli an die Römer; Commentar über den Propheten Jesaia (chaps. 1–12); Gnade um Gnade: Ein Jahrgang Evangelienpredigten; Die Heilsame Lehre oder Erklärung des kleinen Katechismus Luthers; Die kirchlichen Zustände Deutschlands; Kommentar über den Brief Pauli an die Epheser; Kommentar über den Ersten Brief Petri; Passions-predigten. WEG

O. Willkomm, D. th. Georg Stöckhardt (Zwickau, 1914); Dr. George Stoeckhardt,” Theological Quarterly, XVII (1913), 65–75, 136–153; XVIII (1914), 16–23; E. Biegener, “Karl Georg Stoeckhardt, D. Theol., 1842–1913,” CHIQ, XXI (1948–49), 154–166; R. Baepler, “The Hermeneutics of Johannes Christian Konrad von Hofmann with Special Reference to His Influence on George Stoeckhardt,” Conc. Sem., St. Louis, BD thesis 1954; W. R. Goerss, “Some of the Hermeneutical Presuppositions and Part of the Exegetical Methodology of Georg Stoeckhardt,” Conc. Sem., St. Louis, ThD theses 1964.

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