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Priest, Christ as.

The priestly office of Christ is the heart of the Christian faith. This topic takes us back to the climax of OT worship and the silence of the multitude in the moment of reconciliation with God through the hands of a mediator.

In Heb. conceptions the priest was the representative of the people (Heb 5:1). Christ was given by God to be man's representative (Heb 2:14–17).

The priestly work of Christ was foretold and foreshadowed in OT prophecy and types (Ps 110:1, 4: the whole OT priestly cult pointed forward to Christ). OT priests and sacrifices were imperfect, but Christ, His work, and His sacrifice were perfect (Heb 9:11–14; 1 Ptr 1:18–19).

The active obedience of Christ consists in His substitutionary work of freeing us from the demands of the Law and obtaining perfect righteousness for us by perfectly fulfilling, as our Substitute, the entire Law in all its demands, so that His righteousness may be made our own by faith (Mt 5:17; Ro 10:4: Gl 4:4–5). His passive obedience consists in His substitutionary work of freeing us from the penalties provided by the Law for all sinners; He did this by taking our sins on Himself and suffering our punishment in our stead (Is 53; Gl 3:13; Eph 5:2: Cl 1:14; 1 Ptr 2:21–24; 1 Jn 1:7).

Christ's priesthood continued after His ascension (Heb 7:24; 8); He continues to intercede for us as our High Priest (Ro 8:34; Heb 7:25; 1 Jn 2:1–2).

O. C. J. Hoffmann, in “Office, or Work, of Christ,” The Abiding Word, II, ed. T. Laetsch (St. Louis. 1947), 135–144.

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