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1. Johann(es) (1546–1623); b. Wesel, Ger.; educ. Marburg and Jena; rector Gymnasium at Königsberg 1574; prof. theol. Helmstedt 1578; pastor and supt. Halle 1581; son-in-law of T. Hesshus*; strict Lutheran. 2. Gottfried (1604–85); son of 1, brother of 3; Luth. pastor and supt. Halle; hymnist. Works include Ideae dispositionum biblicarum; Annotationes biblicae; Aphorismi biblici; Halygraphia. 3. Johann(es) (1611–84); son of 1, brother of 2; b. Halle; preacher and supt. Halle and Weissenfels; hymnist. Hymns include “Herr, öffne mir die Herzenstür”; “Gelobet sei der Herr”; “Tröstet, tröstet meine Lieben”; “Ach, wie gross ist deine Gnade”; “Jesus selbst, mein Licht, mein Leben.” 4. Johann Gottfried (1635–1711); son of 2, brother of 5; b. Halle; educ. Leipzig and Jena; diaconus Halle; supt. and consistorial councillor Arnstadt; wrote in field of patristics; hymnist. Hymns include “Komm, du wertes Lösegeld”; “Es war die ganze Welt.” 5. Johann(es) (1639–1713); son of 2, brother of 4; prof. Leipzig. Works include De stylo Novi Testamenti; Hermeneutica sacra. 6. Johann Christian (1646–99); son of 3; supt. and pastor Querfurt 1672, Halle 1685; consistorial councillor Halle; orthodox Lutheran; hymnist. 7. Johann Christoph(orus) (1668 [1669?]–1747); son of 4; b. Halle; polymath; held various ch. positions in Arnstadt; hymnologist. 8. Gottfried (1672–1715); son of 5; b. Leipzig; prof. theol. Leipzig 1708.

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