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Norwegian-Danish Augustana Synod in America, The

(“Danish” and “in America” dropped 1878). Norwegians (O. J. Hatlestad* et al.) withdrew from the Scand. Ev. Luth. Augustana Syn. in Am. (see Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, 9–10) at Andover, Illinois, June 1870. What followed is not entirely clear; it involves the question whether the action which the Norwegians immediately took toward organization was temporary. In this action, June 1870, Hatlestad was elected pres. of the “Norwegian-Danish Augustana Synod.” But a const. was to be adopted later. In August 1870 a conf. was held at St. Ansgar, Iowa, with Hatlestad chm., to discuss with C. L. Clausen* the possibility of having the latter and those assoc. with him join the new group. At this meeting the matter of a const. was also discussed; Hatlestad's const. (on which action had been postponed in June and which specified the whole Book* of Concord as confessional base) was rejected; a const. prepared by Clausen (which specified only the traditional Dan.-Norw. confessions [3 ecumenical* creeds, UAC SC] as doctrinal base) was adopted with only minor changes, and with it the name The Conf. for the Norw.-Dan. Ev. Luth. Ch. in Am. (often shortened to Norw.-Dan. Conf., or simply the Conf.); it was also proposed to dissolve the Norw.-Dan. Augustana Syn.; Hatlestad objected and went home; in his absence the conf. resolved to dissolve the Norw.-Dan. Augustana Syn. so that its mems. might join The Conf. for the Norw.-Dan. Ev. Luth. Ch. in America. Hatlestad reacted by meeting with his followers October 1870 at Jefferson Prairie (near Clinton), Wisconsin; at this meeting the “dissolution” action of the August 1870 conf. was declared null and void. Continuity of organization was declared by (1) claiming validity for the const. of the Scand. Ev. Luth. Augustana Syn. till a new const. be approved; (2) adopting (a) the const. which Hatlestad had presented at Andover, Illinois, June 1870, and at St. Ansgar, Iowa, August 1870, and (b) the name The Norw.-Dan. Augustana Syn. in Am. Name changed 1878 to The Norw. Augustana Syn. See also Beloit Seminary (Iowa); Danish Lutherans in America. 3; United Norwegian Lutheran Church in America, The.

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