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(Monotheletism; Monothelism; from Gk. monos, “single,” and thelema, “will”). Belief that in Jesus Christ there was only 1 mode of activity (1 divine human energy; 1 volitional activity), or, as it came to be expressed, that Christ had only 1 divine human will. Opposed to Dyothelitism.*

In discussions aimed at healing the Monophysite* controversy, the terms “1 energy” and “1 will” or at least “1 state of will” first came into prominence in Alexandria, Egypt, as descriptive of Monophysitism.* Honorius I sanctioned use of “1 will.” Sophronius (ca. 560–638; b. Damascus; patriarch Jerusalem ca. 634) took exception to “1 nature.” The 6th ecumenical council on September 16, 681, sanctioned 2 natural wills and natural energies in Christ, holding that the wills are not opposed, but that the human will follows and is subordinate to the divine will. The Quinisext* Syn. homologated the condemnation of Monothelitism. Cf. Christ's human will, e.g., Mt 27:34; Jn 1:43; 17:24; 19:28; divine will Lk 13:24; Jn 5:21. See also Ecthesis; Christological Controversies; Constantinople, Councils of, 3.

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