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Family of Fr. Ref. theologians. (1) Frédéric Joel Jean Gérard (1794–1863). Brother of 2 and 3; father of 4, 5, and 6; b. near Morges, Vaud, Switz.; educ. Geneva; pastor Paris, Fr.; helped found Union des Eglises évangéliques libres de France 1849. (2) Guillaumé (1800–96). Brother of 1 and 3; b. Copenhagen, Den.; educ. Geneva, Switz.; held various pastorates; succeeded 3 in Paris 1856; founded free cong. 1874; fell victim to messianic delusions. (3) Adolphe Louis Frédéric Théodore (1802–56). Brother of 1 and 2; b. Copenhagen, Den.; educ. Geneva, Switz.; pastor Naples, It., 1825(1826?), Lyons, Fr., 1827; dismissed 1832; est. a free ch. at Lyons 1832; prof. Montauban 1836; pastor Paris 1847; regarded as one of the greatest preachers of the Ref. ch. in Fr. (4) Jean Paul Frédéric (1822–1907). Son of 1, brother of 5 and 6; b. Paris, Fr.; preacher Marseille 1848, then at Nimes; prof. dogmatics Montauban 1864–94. (5) Théodore (1836–1921). Son of 1, brother of 4 and 6, father of 7; b. Paris 1864; joined nat. ch. 1874; agent of the inner miss. in Fr. 1875; pastor Paris 1878. (6) Léopold (1844–1922). Son of 1, brother of 4 and 5; pastor Free Ch. Lyons 1869–1909. (7) Wilfred (1867–1943). Son of 5; b. Paris; prof. theol. free Prot. faculty Paris 1909; revived principles of gnosticism* and Manichaeism.*

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