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Luther, Works of, Editions of.

Ger. and Lat. (1) Wittenberg 1539–59, ed. G. Rörer, C. Cruciger the Elder, G. Major, C. Walther; 19 vols. (12 Ger., 7 Lat.) plus index vol.; reprint. repeatedly up to 1603. (2) Jena 1555–58, ed. G. Rörer et al.; 12 vols. (8 Ger., 4 Lat.) plus index vol. for the Ger. vols. by T. Kirchner 1564; reprint. several times in whole or in part up to 1615; Eisleben Supplement to Wittenberg and Jena eds., ed. J. Aurifaber, 2 vols. 1564–65, reprint. Leipzig 1603. (3) Altenburg 1661–64. ed. J. C. Sagittarius; 9 vols. (Ger.) plus index vol.; Halle Supplement vol. 1702, ed. J. G. Zeidler. (4) Leipzig 1729–34 and 1740, ed. J. G. Pfeiffer, C. F. Borner, and J. J. Greiff, 22 parts in 11 vols. plus appendix and index in 1 vol. (5) Walch 1 (Halle, 1740–53), ed. J. G. Walch; 22 vols. (Ger.) plus Luther biography and indexes, 2 vols.; enl. and repub. as St. Louis ed. (Walch 2; 1880–1910), 22 vols. plus index vol. (6) Erlangen (1826–86), ed. J. K. Irmischer and J. G. Plochmann; 65 vols. (Ger.) plus 2 index vols. and 38 vols. (Lat. in 3 series); vols. 1–20 and 24–26 repub. as Erlangen-Frankfurt ed. (1862–85), ed. E. L. Enders (Ger.). (7) Weimar (1883– ), begun by J. K. F. Knaake; pub. in 4 sections: Works, vols. 1–54 and 56–58 I (in 68 parts; vol. 55 projected for 2 parts); Tabletalk, 6 vols. (complete); Ger. Bible, vols. 1–12 (in 15 parts); Correspondence, vols. 1–11. (8) Editions of selected works: a. Braunschweig (1889–93), 3d ed. Leipzig 10 vols.; b. Bonn [Berlin] students' ed. (1912–33), vols. 1–4 6th ed. 1966–68, vols. 5–8 3d ed. 1962–66, ed. O. Clemen et al.; c. Munich eds. (1914–27; 1934–39; 1940 [suppl. vol. 1] and 1948–65); d. Luther Deutsch (Berlin, Stuttgart, and Göttingen, 1948–; some vols. in 2d and 3d ed.); e. Calwer (Stuttgart, 1930–40), 6 vols.; f. Volksbibliothek (St. Louis, 1859–76), 30 vols. in 15. Bibliographic keys and indexes comparing collation and contents of eds.: (1) and (2), S. Schwob, Register (Breslau, 1563; Wittenberg, 1564, 3d ed. 1573); (1)–(3), index of Altenburg ed.; (1)–(4), index of Leipzig ed.; (1)–(5), indexes of Walch 1; (5)–(6), index of Erlangen ed.; (5)–(8d), K. Aland et al., Hilfsbuch zum Lutherstudium, 3d ed. (Witten, Ger., 1970).

The two editions of Luther's works acceptable for serious scholarly work and citation of the original language Material are the Weimer and Bonn Editions.

English. (1) Cole (London, 1826), ed. H. Cole; 4 vols. (2) Lenker (Minneapolis, 1903–10), ed. J. N. Lenker; 13 vols. (3) Holman (Philadelphia, 1915–32), ed. H. E. Jacobs; 6 vols. (reprint. 1943). (4) Am. (St. Louis and Philadelphia, 1955– ), ed. J. Pelikan and H. T. Lehman; 55 vols., plus companion vol. (J. Pelikan, Luther the Expositor: Introduction to the Reformer's Exegetical Writings). Bibliographic keys and indexes comparing collation and contents of eds.: G. S. Robbert, “A Checklist of Luther's Writings in English,” CTM, XXXVI (December 1965), 772–792, and XLI (April 1970), 214–220; for (3) and (4), K. Aland et al., Hilfsbuch zum Lutherstudium, 3d ed. (Witten, Ger. 1970).

French. Geneva (1957– ). JAH

“Kurze Geschichte und Charakteristik aller Gesammtausgaben von Dr. M. Luther's Schriften,” Zeitschrift für Protestantismus und Kirche, XIX (1850), 43–59; Bibliotheca Lutherana (Nördlingen, Ger., 1883).

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