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King, Christ as.

1. When Christ is called kyrios (kurios, Gk. “lord”; e.g., Lk 7:13) or basileus (Gk. “king”; e.g., Jn 1:49), fulfillment of OT promise and prophecy is indicated (2 Sm 7:11–13; Ps 8; 89; 110:1–2; Dn 7:13–27).

2. Divine adoration is due Christ also acc. to His human nature (Jn 5:23; Ph 2:9–11). Christ was King in the state of humiliation. His miracles and such passages as Mt 11:27; Jn 5:17; 12:15 make this clear. His royal powers, hidden in His humiliation, were used fully and continually bet. His resurrection and ascension and became esp. manifest with His ascension and session at the right hand of God (Mt 28:18), His human nature participating fully in all the functions of the Godhead as King of the world and of the ch.

3. Christ is Prophet, Priest, and King. If stress is laid on one office to the exclusion of the others, justice is not done to the fullness of the Gospel.

4. Scripture exempts no part of creation from the rule of Christ (Mt 11:27; 1 Co 15:27; Eph 1:22; Heb 2:8).

5. The universal realm of Christ may be divided: kingdom of power, kingdom of grace, kingdom of glory. In His kingdom of power Christ rules over all creatures by almighty power, Mt 28:18. In His kingdom of grace He rules and protects His church* on earth, whose mems. are “in the world but not of the world” (Jn 17:11, 15). His kingdom of glory is the ch. in heaven, 2 Ti 4:18. See also Church Militant; Church Triumphant.

6. The 3 kingdoms are under 1 Lord. His will and purpose direct, and His power controls, all things. All in heaven and earth serves the purpose of gathering and preserving the ch.

7. For Christians the choice is not bet. ecclesiastical power-politics and withdrawal of the ch. from the world. The 3d way: by Christian life and example, by participation in civil affairs, and by Christian witness to help prepare the way of Christ the King. HFB

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