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Indiana Synod (I).

Conflict bet. “Generalists”* and “Henkelites” (see General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States of America, The, 7) was carried W beyond the Alleghenies in the 1820s. The Ev. Luth. Syn. of Indiana was organized August 15, 1835, at St. John's Ch., Johnson Co., Indiana, by 6 pastors (3 ordained pastors and 3 ordained deacons, the latter ordained as pastors at the conv.) and 7 laymen, representing ca. 10 congs., in opposition to the “Generalists,” who had banded together 1834 in Kentucky and organized 1835 as a syn. (see also West, Synod of the). Three generations of Henkels (see Henkels, The) had visited Indiana on miss. tours: Paul, his sons David and Philip, and his grandson Eusebius (who helped found this Indiana Syn.). This Indiana Syn. adopted the same doctrinal basis as the Tennessee Syn. (see United Lutheran Church in America, The, Synods of, 10), but in course of time was affected by infidelity, Universalism, revivalism, and annihilationism. A division came 1849, the “Miller Faction” (so called after 2 of its leaders, pastors Abraham and David Miller), which courts adjudged the real Syn. of Indiana, opposing liberal leaders. But this faction soon disbanded, having exhausted its strength in lawsuits. The others continued under the old name till disbanding 1859. At the time of its greatest strength this Indiana Syn. probably had ca. 2,500 communicants. Its immediate successor was the Union* Syn. of the Evangelic Luth. Ch.

M. L. Wagner, The Chicago Synod and Its Antecedents (Waverly, Iowa, [1909?]).

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