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(Creutziger; Creutzinger; Creuziger; Crutziger). 1. Caspar (Kaspar; 1504–48). The Eider; b. Leipzig; d. Wittenberg. Enrolled U. of Leipzig 1513; attended Leipzig* Debate; became follower of Luther; to Wittenberg 1521; studied theol., math, and botany at U. of Wittenberg; married Elisabethe von Meseritz (see 3); rector St. John's School, Magdeburg, 1525; helped make Magdeburg a Luth. stronghold; recalled to Wittenberg as prof. and pastor of the Castle Ch. 1528; secretary to Luther; aided Luther in tr. Bible; took part in theol. debates; willing to compromise with Zwinglians and RCs; helped draft Leipzig Interim* but died before it was pub. Works include In epistolam Pauli ad Timotheum priorem Commentarius; Enarratio Psalmi 116–118; Der XX. Psalm für christliche Herrschaft zu beten; In Evangelium Johannis Apostoli Enarratio; Enarratio Psalmi: Dixit Dominus [110] et aliquot sequentium; Comment. in Matthaeum; In Epistolam Pauli ad Romanos Commentarius; De iudiciis piarum Synodorum sententia; Enarrationis Symboli Nicaeni articuli duo, de Synodis et tribus personis Divinitatis. See also Lutheran Confessions, B 1.

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2. Caspar (Kaspar; 1525–97). The Younger; b. Wittenberg; son of Caspar the Elder (see 1) and Elisabethe (see 3); supported P. Melanchthon*; imprisoned; banished from Saxony as Philippist 1576; turned Reformed; pastor, and pres. of consistory, in Kassel. See also Altenburg Colloquy.

3. Elisabethe (nee von Meseritz; ca. 1504–35). Married C. Cruciger the Elder (see 1) 1524; wrote the hymn “Herr Christ, der einig' Gott's Sohn.”

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