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Arnoldshain Theses

(Arnoldshainer Abendmahlsthesen). Eight theses formulated and approved, November 1–2, 1957, after 1947–57 discussions of the meaning of the Lord's Supper by a commission of Luth., Ref., and Union theologians representing the Ev. Ch. of Ger.

The theses, prepared by theologians and not churches were submitted for discussion to theologians, administrative groups, educators, and congregations of the Ev. churches of Ger. for discussion. The statements do not claim to offer a full exposition of the theol. of the Lord's Supper.

Thesis 4 reads: “The words which our Lord Jesus Christ speaks at the distribution of the bread and the cup tell us what He Himself gives in this meal to all who approach: He, the crucified and risen Lord, permits us, through His promissory Word, to receive Him, with bread and wine, in His body that was given into death for all and in His blood that was shed for all. Therewith, by virtue of the Holy Spirit, the Lord receives us into the victory of His lordship, so that by faith in His promise we might have forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation.”

Text of theses in “Gemeinsam Formuliert und einmütig Angenommen,” Evangelisch-lutherische Kirchenzeitung, XII (September 15, 1958), 302, 303; Eng. tr. in P. M. Bretscher, “The Arnoldshain Theses on the Lord's Supper,” CTM, XXX (February 1959), 83 to 91; Lutheran World, VII (1960), 55–62; Hans Grasz, “Die Arnoldshainer Thesen und die lutherische Abendmahlslehre,” Neue Zeitschrift für systematische Theologie, II (1960), 64–89; Albrecht Peters, “Zur Kritik an den Abendmahlsthesen von Arnoldshain,” Neue Zeitschrift für systematische Theologie, II (1960), 182–219.

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