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Anthony, Orders of St.

RC religious orders that claim(ed) St. Anthony* (d. ca. 356) as patron: (1) Disciples of Anthony (Antonians); 1st Christian religious community. (2) Antonine Hospitallers (Hospital Brothers of St. Antony; Canons Regular of St. Anthony of Vienne; Antonines); est. 1095 in Fr.; not extant. (3) Antonines of Flanders; est. 1615 under the rule of Augustine; not extant. (4) Syrian Antonines; est. 1668. (5) Armenian Antonines; est. 1705; founded a monastery near Beirut, Lebanon. (6) Chaldean Antonines of St. Hormisdas; est. 1808 near Alqosh, Mesopotamia. (7) Lebanese Maronite Order of St. Anthone; est. 1695/96. (8) Aleppian Maronite Order of St. Anthony; resulted 1758, when the Lebanese order split. (9) Maronite Antonine Order of St. Isaia; est. 1700 by the Maronite bp. of Aleppo; named after the main monastery, March Isaya; HQ near Beirut, Lebanon. (10) A fictional “Order of St. Anthony” assoc. with the hospice San Stefano dei Mori in Vatican City; the hospice was designated for the use of Ethiopian pilgrim monks in the 15th c.; regulations (the so-called rule) date from 1551. (11) A military order, The Order of the Knights of St. Anthony; est. 1382 by Albert I of Bav. (d. 1404) to conquer the Holy Land. (12) Benedictine Armenian Antonines, also called Mechitarists.*

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